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Cable TV Providers in Israel Comparison Between Hot Cable TV and Yes Satellite Service

Posted December 2, 2012 by better2ask in Cable TV Service
Hot Cable TV and Yes Satellite Service in Israel - Comparison

Prior to moving into your new home in Israel, choose between Satellite or Cable TV.


Call ‘Hot’ or ‘Yes’ the day you have moved into your home. (Neither generally accepts prior appointments to be made)

It may take upwards of a week to schedule an appointment for the service technicians to come to your home and install the system. A New law just passed that you are NOT liable to sign a contract for service with either company. In other words, Register with YES or HOT, and if after three (3) months you’re not pleased, or move out of the country suddenly, then you will only be responsible to pay until the last day you watched TV.

You will need to call the company at least two weeks in advance to schedule an appointment to pick up the monitors. ‘Hot’ or ‘Yes’ service technicians will only install the system, once you or your TVs are physically in the home and the electricity is working. If your home doesn’t already have cable wires to connect to the TVs, the technicians will need to drill holes in the walls in order to connect to an outside box. (This is not at extra cost, it’s part of the service).

Keep in mind, these men are not ‘Handymen’ or recommended carpenters by any means. (Do expect a mess and chipped paint- at your cost, though they will do their best to clean up after themselves).


Hot Cable TV Service in Israel

Hot Cable TV Service in Israel

” HOT ” (Cable)

Tel: (*6900), from any local phone in Israel. Dial (3) for English, and stay on the line for customer service.
Website: www.hot.net.il

What’s the Base Price?
Standard cable channels starts at: (186NIS)/ per month
Each additional cable box at extra cost
(Depends if it’s with or with-out recording capability).
Additional packages available. (Call to inquire what best suits you)
What do they provide?
HD channels and ‘HOT MAGIC ‘ (Can pre-record two shows at the same time).
HOT VOD channels (at extra cost above base price/month)
3,500 channels for youth and children (Immediate order).
1,200 movies instantly on Demand
7,000 movies available all the time
“Triple Package Deal” including
Land-line service – NO monthly charge, PLUS 500 min. to any local phone.
12 MG of Internet service – NO monthly charge.
TV Cable service
(Choice of six (6) ‘themed package-channels’ in addition to ‘standard channels’).
All this at a Starting price of: (325 NIS) per month.
BUT, still need to add a ‘Sapak and ‘Tashtit’ for the Internet.
As well, there are additional charges for upgrades of cable boxes, extra minutes, etc. (Call for complete details).
better2ask recommendation:

If you are in Israel for a short period of time (Less than One Year)
The ‘Triple Package’ from HOT is your best bet.
One Price, One Bill, Three Services.

Yes Cable TV Satellite Service in Israel

Yes Cable TV Satellite Service in Israel

‘YES SATELLITE’ (DBS Satellite Services LTD., Owned by Bezeq and the Eurocom group)

Tel: (*2080 or 1.800.208.0000)
Stay on the line for customer service.
Sunday – Thurs: (8:00 am – 8:00 pm); Friday: (8:00 am- 4:00 pm).
Website: www.yes.co.il

What do they offer?
Satellite TV service.
High quality picture and sound.
A wide variety of channels and lots of movies, all the time.
YES MAX – (allows to pre-record 2 shows at a time)
YES HD and more.
Satellite services with NO obligations.
All English Children channel-
“JIM JAM”,(broadcasts shows from the USA, Australia, England, Europe and more).
Plays (24 / 7), Year -round, with no interruptions.
What’s the Base Price?

Standard service includes:

  • Standard channels
  • Standard movie channels
  • A variety of series
  • Starting at: (209NIS)
  • Premium service includes:
  • Three (3) premium channels,
  • All standard movie channels
  • All standard series
  • All other Standard channels
  • Two YES MAX TOTAL boxes
  • Starting at: (309 NIS).

What else? Additional charge for every box and additional services.

Costs per month could reach as high as (500 + NIS).
(If you have many YES MAX, YES HD and many extra channels).
Ask for any special deals going on or coming up.
• Requires a separate land-line carrier for the phone.
‘BEZEQ’ owns ‘YES’, so it’s a good option.
• Also requires to add a “Sapak” and “Tashtit” for the Internet.

better2ask recommendation: In need of an all English Channel for Children (Newborn – 8 yrs old)
Then ‘ YES ‘ Satellite is your best bet.


  • Eliezer May

    Avoid Yes since they do not keep their word and are extremely rude. My mother passed away and when I called Yes, the representative told me to email them a copy of the death certificate and they would eliminate the charge. I was fully engaged in funeral arrangements and did not turn on the TV. They did not acknowledge the email and after asking them to cancel the service twice, they did not do so. I had to go to the bank to cancel the charge. The next representative could not find the email with the death certificate and did not even try to find it. She was adamant that I had to pay for the service I did not use and my mother had already passed away. The attitude of the company was reprehensible and the representatives were not consistent in their responses and they did not cancel the service although I called and asked them twice to do so. Do not deal with a company like this.

  • Eliezer May

    Just for clarification the charge was 138 shekel for the portion of the month AFTER my mother died. This was the only company that was rude and inconsiderate in the dealings with everyone. No one else was as repugnant as this company.