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  • 中国建筑技术集团有限公司


    TALENT TEAMTalent Team

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    Registered Staff

    To implement the strategy of powerful enterprise through the talents is the strategic requirements of China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd for the sustainable and healthy development and also internal motive power for science & technology innovation and achieving the leapfrog development of the Group. It is related to not only the process of scientific research and production, business development and reform & development, as well as the prosperity of the Group, but also the implementation of major projects, so it is of a great significance. The talent work of the Group adheres to the policy of “service development, talents priority, employment worship, innovation mechanism, high-end leading, and overall development” and follows the law of market economy and growth law of building talents, firmly grasps the selection, employment, cultivation and retention of talents and other key links according to the classification and differential management idea of talent team. Taking the service of scientific development of the Group as the fundamental starting point, the Group focuses on the cultivation or training of high-level and innovative talents, innovate the development and management model of human resources, optimize the structure of talent team, improve the quality and stimulate the vitality of the talent team, so as to provide the powerful organization guaranty, personnel assurance and technical support to further enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of the Group, and better promote the scientific development of the Group.


    At present, China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd has more than 3000 employees, including, 221 employees with senior professional title, 297 employees with middle professional title, and 258 employees with primary professional title. More than 50% have an education background of undergraduate or above. There are 228 certified chartered builders, 16 certified cost engineers, 38 national certified supervisory engineers, 8 certified safety engineers, 95 certified architects, 76 certified structural engineers, 20 certified geotechnical engineers, 9 certified urban planners, 37 certified public equipment engineers, 13 certified electrical engineers and 3 certified legal advisors.


    CABR Construction Consulting Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd, has more than 1300 employees, including 176 employees with senior professional title, 678 employees middle professional title, and 304 employees with primary professional title. More than 31% have an education background of undergraduate or above. There are 39 certified chartered builders, 14 certified cost engineers, 135 national certified supervisory engineers, and 10 certified safety engineers.

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