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An Upright Vacuum Cleaner Does More than Vacuum

Did you know that the actual name of the vacuum cleaner is 'upright vacuum cleaner'? This multipurpose cleaner originated during the 1860's and it can come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some even comes with a bag while others are sans-bag. It can be used in the office as well as at home for the purpose of exterminating dust from furniture, upholstery, curtains and wall corners.

When the upright vacuum cleaner was first introduced it was not an electric device which we are so familiar with today. Instead when a person needed to clean their floors they would have to try and guide the device while cranking a handle at the same time. This was more trouble than good so back to the drawing board the inventors went.

Inventors were looking for ways to clean up sawdust or any other particulars that might collect on the floor. The device needed to be easy to use and would work even better if a form of electricity could be hooked to it. Not for sure how to make an upright vacuum cleaner that could use electricity Bissell Carpet Sweepers introduced a carpet sweeper that was push powered.

In 1901 the upright vacuum cleaner took on a new meaning. The machine not only could suck up dust but it was motorized. Unfortunately this innovation was only able to sit in a van and a very long hose would need to be run into the businesses for cleaning the floors. These devices were only something the wealthy could afford.

Over the years the design of the upright vacuum cleaner was improved and the price brought down so anyone could afford the machine. There are many households that prefer the vacuum on wheels that can be plugged into an outlet and guided over floors for collecting dust, dirt, animal hair and so on.

When purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner you will need to decide if you want it with or without a bag. When there is a bag everything that the vacuum sucks up will go directly to the bag and keep collecting until it is full and gets changed. A bag-less vacuum means there is a see-through container located in front of the device. Everything that is sucked up goes inside the container and can be easily emptied in the trash after each use.

If you would like to dust the house without throwing dust in the air then get an upright vacuum cleaner with attachments. The attachments might include a dusting brush for reaching the blades on the ceiling fan, a crevice tool for reaching the corners of the ceiling and collecting the dust bunnies, or an upholstery tool for safely sucking up dust and particulars from the furniture.


Selecting your ideal vacuum cleaner for the home

There is a wide choice of vacuum cleaners on the market today of varying styles and designs. Prices can range from £30 to £300, and what you spend will depend on what sort of features you are looking for. This will of course be determined by how much you intend to use your vacuum cleaner and whether you have any special cleaning requirements such as the capability to remove allergen particles or clean upholstery.

Vacuum cleaner designs are either upright or cylinder designs. The main design difference between upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners is that upright vacuum cleaners have a motor fitted in the head of the machine where a fan is used to suck up air and dirt into the bag or compartment before being passed through a filter to separate the clean air and dirt. A revolving brush is also used to loosen and sweep up dirt. A cylinder vacuum cleaner relies on suction power alone and given that the dirt has to travel a greater distance through the tube they are generally more powerful.

An upright vacuum cleaner offers the user great control and is well suited to houses which have large areas of carpet since the design incorporates a brush that can help to lift dirt from them. A cylinder vacuum cleaner is easier to manoeuvre in small spaces such as stairways and has the added advantage of being more portable and suited to cleaning upholstery. A cylinder vacuum cleaner also offers greater power, making it more efficient for hard surface such as wooden flooring.

It is debatable whether or not a bagless option is more effective. Generally bagless vacuum cleaners are more expensive but over time you could save money since you don't have to replace the bags. This really depends on how often you use the vacuum cleaner although many users also find the bagless designs easier to clean and empty.

All vacuum cleaners have a filtration system but how this system operates can vary from model to model. Some designs offer a filter that does not need to be changed for the lifetime of the machine, typically in the order of 10 years. Other filters include a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) that retains small allergy-causing particles and are approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Charcoal filters remove bad smells and can be particularly useful if you have pets in your home.


Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean, Dust-free And Stain-free

Carpets of any kind are expensive, and need to be preserved as well as possible to ensure that they have a long, productive life. However, carpets are a part of your flooring, which means that they get exposed to all sorts of dirt - dry, wet or somewhere in between.

The most obvious tip to help keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it regularly. A weekly vacuuming - make it your Sunday morning task - keeps your carpet dust-free. This will prevent allergies, insect infestations and also keep your carpet looking fresh and nicely aired out.

Always take your time while vacuuming - do not pass over your carpet too quickly, as the vacuum will not have the time to loosen as well as draw in the dust and dirt particles. Also, pass your vacuum cleaner along in at least two opposing directions, so that all the carpet fibres get agitated and the dirt removed from along them.

Liquid spills, however, need more attention. Always take immediate action, no matter what the type of liquid is. Allowing a coloured liquid to stay on your carpet for too long may result in a permanent stain, discolouring your carpet if you use too much bleach or cleaning detergent on it.

The first thing you should do when you see a liquid spill is to place a large, absorbent towel over it. Let the towel absorb as much of the liquid spill as possible, so that it does not spread or seep into the lower layers of your carpet. Keep in mind that acidic liquids such as urine or vomit will lead to discolouration, so clean it up before it has a chance to dry(and become even more disgusting).

A vinegar-water solution is a fabric-friendly way to clean up a stain once most of the liquid has been soaked off it. Avoid soap-based cleaners, as the residue from these will attract dirt from any shoes which step on the carpet. Acidic cleaners like vinegar are friendly to both your carpet and your hands, so you can use these freely.

After you have cleaned up the acidic stain, sprinkle some baking powder over the damp spot. The baking powder will partly help to soak up the liquid, and will also work as an odour suppressant - a much cheaper solution than the commercial odour control mechanisms.

At least once a year, send your carpet to a professional cleaner. This will help preserve its colour and texture, thus saving you much more than you spend on the professional's cleaning services.

Remember, that every separate situation requires different tactics. What has been given above is only a broad outline of things you can do to clean the most common stains on your carpet. In case of ink spills or serious stains you do not feel equipped to deal with, do not hesitate to call up your carpet cleaners. They will tell you what to do, and will also intervene if necessary and return your carpet to its original, new state.


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